– conventional prepress applications for PC and Mac
– flexo printing plate preparation
– calibrated conventional and stochastic screening
– an individually developed graphic design system for creating designs and graphics protected against counterfeiting
– CTP imaging
– digital variable data preparation

Sheetfed printing

offset printing
– conventional multi-colored offset printing combined with inline die cutting and extraction of trimmings
– conventional multi-colored printing combined with inline numbering
– multi-colored UV printing combined with inline chamber doctor blade varnishing, die cutting and extraction of trimmings
– numbering with mechanically controlled numbering boxes
– blind embossing
– hot foil stamping, un-positioned and multi-web positioned hologram application

screen printing
– with conventional hot-air drying
– with UV drying

digital printing
– xerographic
– inkjet
– laser engraving for numbering

Sheetfed finishing

– linear cutting
– folding, be combined with inline gluing
– sheet collating
– saddle stitching
– block stitching
– sewing
– sheet collating with stitching, folding and trimming
– production of glued leaflets with sheet control and trimming
– glue binding
– casemaking
– scoring
– creasing
– die-cutting
– drilling
– sheet pile excision (Hidrostanc)
– hot laminating
– mounting
– automatic labelling by machine
– etui sachet gluing
– case foiling
– board cutting
– cloth cutting

Roll-to-roll printing

Flexo printing
– multi-colored flexo printing machine lines with UV drying system
– multi-colored flexo printing machine lines with hot air drying system
– adhesive side printing
– spot or full UV lacquering

Screen printing
- flat screen printing with UV drying system
- continuous printing with UV drying rotary screen

Digital printing
- UV inkjet overprint white+4-color printing
- hybrid printing complemented with flexo printing units
- small production run printing
- personalization

Roll-to-roll finishing

– ECL label production (booklet label)
– ECL sachet label production
– positioned hot melt glue application
– positioned leaflet application
– positioned label application
– web piling
– foil laminating
– positioned laminating
– cold and hot stamping
– cold and hot positioned hologram stamping
– double die-cutting
– semi-rotary die-cutting
– laser die-cutting (without physical tool)
– lengthwise web scoring
– lengthwise web cutting
– sheeting
– excision
– final roll converting with 100 % camera control quality check (pharma control); different inner core diameters are available
– final roll converting with camera control quality check; different inner core diameters are available
– numbering of the silicone carrier’s backside during final converting; different inner core diameters are available
– automatic roll converting without inner core – even 5 lm length rolls!
– automatic converting of small-sized rolls – even 5 lm length rolls!; different inner core diameters are available

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