Product Protection

Protection against forgery at CODEX Zrt is ensured and supported by innovative solutions, as well as the most rigorous security rules and regulations in accordance to manufacturing, quality, and data handling. The services we provide support the protection against forgery reach beyond security and contribute to the competitiveness of your products.

CODEX Zrt has a recognized professional history with several decades in the market of security printing products. This is a direct result of our competitive products, constant innovation and the outstanding security features we ensure.

We have modern state-of-the-art machinery and equipment at our disposal to ensure uninterrupted operation. A manufacturing and control system has been developed to guarantee the product is monitored from the receipt of the order right up until the delivery of the product, providing full traceability. We destroy scrap and waste materials on-site to further enhance security measures.

Production Protection is only one aspect of the security we offer you. Quality Assurance, Safety Measures and Data Protection are united to support the security and safety of our customers and the competitiveness of our products.

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