ECL labels, folding or multi-page labels

their increased information content helps the manufacturer and distributor sell the product, increases customer satisfaction and they can also be used to reduce packaging costs.
ECL label
More and more consumers demand a sufficient quantity and quality of information about the product purchased, its composition, exact usage, origins, originality, etc., as part of the packaging. Such protection of consumer interests is supported by a great number of Hungarian and European Union regulations, too. The pharmaceutical industry is in a particularly sensitive position in that respect(2011/62/EU, i.e. the Falsified Medicines Directive and Delegated Act), but the chemical industry (1272/2008/EK, the CLP Regulation) and the food industry (1169/2011/EU ). are not far behind. Under the latter, food products can only be marketed in member countries of the EU with markings in the language of the given country, providing the wide range of consumer information prescribed in the Regulation in a comprehensible, clearly legible form.
The packaging must have room for the printed information. When there is little room, or where a lot of information is required, the various forms ECL labels – which are fold-out or multi-page booklet labels – can offer a solution.
ECL labels, ECL etiquettes and ECL stickers exist in innumerable versions. ECL booklet labels may be booklet labels or booklet stickers, but we also have multi-page labels and etiquettes, and multipage stickers and fold-out labels as well. Instead of the fold-out solutions, which include labels and also fold-out etiquettes and fold-out stickers, we also offer multi-page booklet labels, also known as booklet etiquettes or booklet stickers to meet the requirements of our customers. Those products are sometimes called concertina labels, concertina etiquettes or concertina stickers. The version that can be used for promotions and prize draws are called coupon labels. Innumerable companies in the market have recognised the advantages of smart labels, or as some people call them, multipage labels. Multipage labels, multipage etiquettes and multipage stickers are labels, etiquettes, or, if required, stickers with a number of pages that offer a highly versatile solution for manufacturers and distributors in a diverse range of industries.
In contrast with the users of ECL labels, or booklet etiquettes, also known as multipage labels, the users of traditional self-adhesive stickers are faced with a number of problems, some of which are as follows:
  • The size of the product does not allow the required quantity of information to be placed on the label
  • a In the case of products for several language regions, costs are increased significantly by having to use separate labels for each language
  • Alongside the significant quantity of compulsory information, there is not enough space left on the label for quality graphic art reflecting the image of the manufacturer/distributor
  • The product does not grab attention sufficiently, etc.

Versatile label, versatile etiquette or versatile sticker

booklet label
CODEX Zrt. offer solutions to those problems with their continuously developed Extended Codex Label (ECL® label) products, of which they are the only manufacturer in Hungary. The innovative ECL label / booklet label, which is patent protected in Hungary, is a multipage label, or a multipage self-adhesive label, which some call a leaflet label, while others call it a fold-out label or a multipage label. There are also those who are not familiar as yet with booklet labels or multipage labels, although they would need opening, foldout or booklet labels to solve some of the above problems.

Multipage label, multipage etiquette or multipage sticker

With ECL labels, the surface suitable for the placement of information on a traditional self-adhesive sticker can be multiplied manifold, and so the amount of information that can be placed on the multipage label increases the amount of information that can fit on the booklet label as much as required. In recent years, we have not received any customer requirements concerning booklet labels that we were unable to meet with the help of our customer specification development team working on multipage labels. Further guarantee is provided by our 4 automated and unique ECL label / booklet production lines with the latest technology, whose combined capacity puts us among the leading manufacturers in Europe. For the number of the largest multinationals who are our customers, that standard of quality and production security are highly important aspects.
If you need a multipage label or a multi-layered label in opening-multipage or fold-out format, if you are looking for multipage labels, leaflet labels, or perhaps fold-out labels or coupon labels for a promotion of your products, but also if you have any questions concerning ECL labels and our other booklet solutions, please contact us today!

ECL label / booklet label opening configuration
Fold-out label

Fold-out label

Bound label

Bound label

Characteristic formats of ECL labels / booklet labels

Fold-out, laminated label

Fold-out, laminated label

Bound, laminated label

Bound, laminated label

Fold-out, non-laminated label

Fold-out, non-laminated label

Bound, non-laminated label

Bound, non-laminated label

Self-adhesive base: For ECL labels, the function of the self-adhesive base is to provide an adhesive surface for the booklet part. Thereby it ensures suitable attachment of the entire structured label to the product to be labelled. All the common self-adhesive materials (paper or plastic) are suitable for this purpose. When selecting the correct self-adhesive base and the adhesive material to be used on it, the conditions of use and of labelling should be taken into account. The self-adhesive base can be transparent or printed or unprinted. Printing can be flexo, screen or digital printing or a combination thereof.
Booklet part: The function of the booklet part of the multipage label is to display the increased information content of the ECL label / booklet on the required number of pages. In the great majority of requirements, this is 36 pages, but we have made some 120-page ECL labels as well. The smallest possible number of pages is just a single sheet with two printed sides. The booklet part of the ECL label / booklet can be configured as a folding leaflet or as a bound booklet. The pages of the latter type can be bound together using adhesive, stitching or even wire binding If a fold-out booklet is used, design components can cross page boundaries, which makes more free use of graphic art, while designing a bound booklet, graphic art must be designed for pairs of pages. The bound booklet format is easier to use and more user friendly above 12 pages. The most user-friendly structure for an ECL label / booklet often involves an opening tab for easy opening and closing die-cut on the booklet part. The booklet part is attached accurately to the self-adhesive base underneath and its printed graphics. This could be done by gluing from the bottom, by applying adhesive in the required location and shape, and/or from the top using self-adhesive laminating foil. The latter solution is also suitable for manufacturing ECL labels / booklet labels with collectible stickers. The booklet part can be printed using multi-colour traditional or UV dried offset printing and/or a digital process. During production, when the materials are chosen, we take into account the requirements of the customer’s industry (food or pharmaceutical industry application, etc.).
Self-adhesive laminating foil: In the case of ECL labels, the function of the self-adhesive laminating foil is to fix the booklet part under it sufficiently while making it possible to open, and also to produce a more aesthetic appearance while providing physical protection and limited water-resistance for the booklet structure. The self-adhesive laminating foil is usually plastic based, transparent and not printed. Naturally, if the application requires it, it can be made of paper and printed in several colours using flexo or screen printing, or a digital process. In some structural configurations, the self-adhesive laminating foil can be dispensed with. In that case, the booklet part is attached to the self-adhesive base from the bottom, with adhesive.
Once the exact conditions of use are known, our product development specialists will always find the formal and structural ECL label configuration that suits your application best.
Objectives and tasks during the development of our special ECL label configurations:
  • Provide functional solutions
  • Match the conditions of use
  • Take all the customer’s special, unique needs into account
  • Provide user-friendly opening, closing, and practical use
  • Possibility of manufacturing with great accuracy and productivity
  • Suitability even for high-speed machine labelling
  • Favourable value for money
Some or our special ECL label / booklet developments
ECL sticker
booklet sticker
Fold-out label made from a cross-fold leaflet
fold-out label
fold-out sticker
leporello etiketten
Agrochemicals, pharmaceutical industry
The format and significant data content of the previous information leaflet can be retained, while the self-adhesive part can be used to attach the label to packaging or the product – even using a labelling machine. This solution ensures that the printed material contains the required information, not separated from the packaging later, it is always attached and available.
Water and chemical resistant, untearable bound label
multilayer label
multilayer sticker
When it is important that all the parts of the leaflet are waterproof (for instance, automobile industry applications).
Neither the label, nor the information on it can be damaged during use.
Fold-out label with hanger
multipage label
multipage sticker
For small products, where, along with the extended information, product placement is also a consideration.
The existing packaging is simplified while even a multi-language user manual can be combined with it, and the label can also be used to hang the product.
Wobbler-style fold-out label
At the point of sale in case of promotions where the main objective is to attract the attention of consumers to the product, to set it apart from competing products while also providing the required, larger quantity of information.
A good opportunity to make a promotion more effective. Although only a part of the surface of the booklet label has adhesive on it, and after attachment, the wobbling part doesn’t adhere to the product, it can still by applied using a labelling machine.
Sealed pouch ECL label
extended content label
extended content sticker
A cross-folded information leaflet is placed in a self-adhesive pouch, where it can be stored.
It offers a water-proof solution and it is also suitable for ensuring that the leaflet containing the required information is not separated from the packaging later. The label structure can be applied using a labelling machine.
Fold-out or bound label integrated onto a traditional label
multiply label
multiply sticker
The traditional label that consumers are accustomed to, has been partially transformed into a booklet label to accommodate the additional required information in a legible fashion.
It is a cheaper solution than transforming the previously used traditional label into a booklet label. The appearance of the product’s packaging hardly changes at all. This does not confuse consumers, they recognise the traditional label they had seen previously easily along with the product the label is placed on.
Tear-open ECL label / booklet label with hidden code
coupon label
coupon sticker
For prize draws integrated into the label.
The hidden information cannot be accessed without damaging the label. It can have innumerable other anti-forgery security features added for effective product protection.
Security ECL label / booklet label
We recommend it for self-adhesive sticker applications where, on the one hand, a great deal of information must fit on a small surface, while on the other hand, product protection is also required.
Increasing product prestige, product protection, consumer protection, strengthening consumer trust.
Extra small fold-out label
fold-out label
fold-out sticker
Increased information content requirement with extra small products.
Compliance with industry legislative requirements.
ECL label / booklet label with collectible, reattachable stickers
Leporello etiketten
multilayer label
multilayer sticker
In promotions and logistics, and in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
Purchase promotion, creative promotional opportunities, new solutions in logistics

Our industry ECL label / booklet label references
1. Food industry
2. Dietary supplements
3. Pharmaceutical industry
4. Veterinary products
5. Agrochemicals
6. Sowing seeds
7. Household chemicals
8. Personal hygiene products
9. Automobile industry
10. Battery manufacture
11. Mineral and engine oils
12. Paints and varnishes
13. Interior decoration
14. Consumer electronics
15. Product promotions (in all industries)
International awards and recognition
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• Personalization
• Security printing
• Protection against forgery
• ‘Just in Time’ service
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• Labeling or its arrangement
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Booklet labelBooklet label

Booklet label

    Fold-out labelFold-out label

Fold-out label

Multipage labels with collectible stickers insideMultipage labels with collectible stickers inside

Multipage labels with collectible stickers inside

Coupon labels offering discountsCoupon labels offering discounts

Coupon labels offering discounts

Multipage labels with opening tabsMultipage labels with opening tabs

Multipage labels with opening tabs

Multilayer labelMultilayer label

Multilayer label

Stickers that open along a perforation lineStickers that open along a perforation line

Stickers that open along a perforation line

Multilayer promotional stickersMultilayer promotional stickers

Multilayer promotional stickers

Leaflet labelLeaflet label

Leaflet label

Fold-out labelsFold-out labels

Fold-out labels

Multipage foldable booklet labelsMultipage foldable booklet labels

Multipage foldable booklet labels

Multipage agrochemical labelsMultipage agrochemical labels

Multipage agrochemical labels