Anti-counterfeiting products



Typical products of this business unit:

With both sheet fed and roll to roll printing technology

  • Specific, unique void, tamper evident and destructive security labels, raw materials according to customer requirements
  • Labels with microcode
  • Signature and document authentication transfer type security labels
  • Tax stamps
  • Post stamps
  • Serially numbered, coded, special labels covered with a scratch off layer

With sheet fed printing technology

  • Security documents with "A" and "B" category
  • Certificates, diplomas, exam documents
  • Checkbooks
  • Saving account passbook
  • Purchase vouchers
  • Tickets, passes
  • "Local currencies" or money substitutes

Our anti-counterfeiting products are manufactured using special production technology that applies physical, chemical and administrative protection features during the printing process. Protection against forgery is stipulated by law for certain product groups such as identification cards and official documents. In other cases, this requirement is set by the issuer. In both cases, we follow the legal provisions relating to form of strict accountability during the manufacturing and handling of such products. During production of our anti-counterfeiting products, we offer materials, production technologies and unique solutions not used in the conventional printing industry. This requires a high level of technological development that we have and will continue to invest in.

  • Surveying unique customer needs
  • Risk analysis, development of an optimum anti-counterfeiting protection system
  • Graphic design
  • Personalization
  • Periodic call-offs, ‘just in time’ service
  • Storing
  • Individual conversion
  • Delivery

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